A Walk Through Time

A Walk Through Time

A new film to illustrate the changes taken place in Greenock Town Centre, from the late 60s to present. A walk captured by in ear binaural microphones from Cathcart street through the town to Patrick Street and using photographs from the 60s taken by Eugene Mehat blending from the modern day equivalents.


portrait of Chris Bradley Chris Bradley

Marcellina Taylor - Wednesday 13th January 3:42pm

This is a very clever depiction of life now and then using some of my grandfather's amazing photos (Eugene Mehat), you can see very clearly the changes, sadly very few for the better.

Tam Nugent - Monday 23rd September 11:57pm

Well done Chris Bradley, this is a beautiful piece of work, obviously painstakingly researched and put together. Perfect music and the background audio is a fantastic touch; the muted voices and seagulls really set this off nicely.

Delia Forrest - Monday 14th November 10:59pm

This is clever film. My family returned to the west coast in 1969 after a spell in England and this film shows the changes so creatively. It's also sad and makes me angry how town planners have neglected Greenock (and Paisley, Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenson. They were once great communities and now seem to be on the brink of becoming ghost towns. I haven't been to Greenock much recently though but where Tate and Lyle once was is...a supermarket? Maybe I'm wrong!

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