Viva La Vida - St Enoch Centre

Viva La Vida - St Enoch Centre

Saturday (21st March) saw 200 Rock Choir singers take part in a novel flash mob in the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow singing ‘Rather Be’ in aid of Dreams Come True, see a national charity which makes individual dreams come true for children and young people aged between 2 and 21 with serious or life limiting conditions. The charity has been in existence for over 26 years and operates nationally throughout the UK.

Thereafter, Rock Choir sang a selection of songs in two short performances on the ground floor of the Centre while collectors for Dreams Come True raised over £500 in donations for the charity.

‘Flash mobs are a great way of supporting us’ said Chris Jewell, the local Co-ordinator from Dreams Come True. ‘The Centre staff have been very happy to do another flash mob for us and we are grateful to them for getting behind this one. And thanks to all who made a donation to help make more dreams come true.

‘Fulfilling a dream can help a child or young person to think beyond their illness or disability and focus on something highly positive and empowering. The experience has proved to create amazing everlasting memories for the child and the entire family in most cases.

‘There is no average dream as all dreams are unique and personal to the child or young adult and can equate to anything from an experience, a piece of equipment that might aid independence, mobility or communication with family, educational needs or just bring some joy and happy times. Dreams may include meeting a child’s hero or having a break away for the family to just enjoy some quality time together, as quality time is precious for these families. Dreams can be fully funded by the charity or in many cases come at a vastly reduced cost depending on sponsorship or the organisations who assist with the delivery of the dream. Anyone can nominate a young person for a dream on the homepage of the Dreams Come True website’

Rock Choir leader Jennifer Sim said: ’I’m delighted to have done this event and help a really wonderful children’s charity to make more dreams come true. We had 200 singers participating from across Glasgow and Inverclyde and they were really pleased to be able to take part.’

Anne Ledgerwod, General Manager of St. Enoch Centre, said: ‘I’m proud of St. Enoch Centre’s record for hosting charity events and we were delighted to be able to support Dreams Come True.

‘The charity provides such a valuable service in helping youngsters with life limiting conditions and all the performers put on a great show for shoppers in the Centre.’

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