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The Boy who Lived in the Mansion

The Boy who Lived in the Mansion

This feature is about one man’s life on the Clyde and the special connection he had with a Georgian Mansion that used to be in the middle of the Garvel Island and the James Watt Docks.

David Ewing - Friday 25th November 2:42am

Great story Billy, enjoy your retirement bud you earned it!

WILSON DUNLOP - Saturday 16th May 1:54pm

Knew Billy years ago when I lived in the east end (John Street). Always a pleasure talking to him. When you worked in shipyards all your working life, you deserve a break. Enjoy retirement.

Laura Aitchison - Tuesday 12th May 9:36pm

Great video, worked with billy for a while in Ferguson's, lovely man, enjoy your retirement x

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