Inverclyde Weekly News 9th March 2013

Inverclyde Weekly News 9th March 2013

A round up of the Local news headlines in Inverclyde

Knockin Knees - Wednesday 27th March 7:14pm

Presenters are speaking too fast. Maybe slow them down to 2 words an hour instead of 3 or 4 an hour. Would be better if we had normal speaking locals presenting with a more natural feel. Good luck to the website. We certainly need something local.

David Boyce - Sunday 24th March 8:05pm

Great! I hope it goes from strength to strength, and will look forward to future developments. I am sure there's huge potential.

Jim Fisher - Monday 11th March 10:54am

Congratulations on the launch of this local TV channel for the area, I use to be a cameraman and worked for all the bigs boys, can I volunteer my time and help make some local stories about the area? Well done on the first news!!

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